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Fuzzyard Sushiba Dispenser Bag & Rolls

Fuzzyard Sushiba Dispenser Bag & Rolls

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Available in 1 size only 


Keep your poop bags hidden away in a fun Poop Bag Dispenser. Secure it to your dog's leash with the 2 velcro loops, it's super easy to pull the bags through the opening on the top and you can even fit your keys inside along with 2 poop bag rolls! 

  • Get going with 2 poop bag rolls included in the dispenser, that's 30 bags!
  • Easy to pull out the poop bags 1-by-1 through the top opening
  • Attaches to leash by the velcro loops
  • Large enough to fit your keys inside dispenser
  • Machine washable
  • Fits most standard poop rolls

Material :Polyester with zipper

Measurements: 10xm x 9cm x 4.5cm

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