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Absolute Plus Scram Animal Repellent (Keep-Off) Spray

Absolute Plus Scram Animal Repellent (Keep-Off) Spray

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We understand that accidents happen and sometimes it’s hard to get rid of that stench of urine odour on your couch or furnitures. It’s even harder keeping them away as the smell kept drawing your pet back.

Don’t let bad odors take over your breathing space. With Absolute Plus Scram Animal Repellent Spray, you can deodorises odor on forbidden areas. It works indoors on furniture, rugs, and floor areas, as well as outdoors on flower beds, shrubs, trees, garbage cans and bags

  • Keeps animals away from forbidden areas
  • Deodorizes odours
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Recommended for housebreaking young puppies